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Multigauging with SPC System

Multigauging for Balancing Gear

Multigauging for Bearing Housing

Multigauging for CamShaft

Checking Parameters : Outer diameters at various places / Runout of diameters / Various lengths

Multigauging for Crown Wheel

Multigauging for Cylinder Block

Checking Parameters : Bore diameter at different levels / Ovality at each level / Taper / Squareness of bore w.r.t resting face

Multigauging for Differential Case

Checking Parameters : Inner diameter / Outer diameter / Length / Runout / Concentricity / Symmetricity

Multigauging for Flex Plate

Multigauging for Flywheel

Checking Parameters : Inner diameter / Outer Diameter / Height at different places / Parallelism / Depth

Multigauging for Gear

Checking Parameters : Inner Diameter / Ovality / Over ball Diameter / PCD Runout / Squareness / No. of teeth counting / Height / Parallelism

Multigauging for Liner

Checking Parameters : Inner diameter at various places / Outer diameter at various places / Collar thickness / Total length

Multigauging for Ring Gear

Checking Parameters : Inner Diameter / Gear outer diameter / Thickness /Parallelism

Multigauging for Shaft

Checking Parameters : Outer diameter at different places / Ovality / Taper / Runout / Lengths / Ball height / Face Runout

Multigauging for Yoke